InterMedi: Back to collaborative intelligence!

July 17, 2008 at 12:24 pm Leave a comment

In a previous post, I discussed how the Pubmed API could, in the field of biomedical research, be a useful tool addressing both problems of Pubmed and the crowd of Social Networks. The solution was named “InterMedi: Collaborative Intelligence for Biomed”. This set of tools provided meaningful relations between people, reflecting real life situation. Plus, it offered fun tools such as an equivalent of GoogleFight based both on the number of collaborators and the number of publications.

I promised to work on it within the few weeks after writing this previous post. I did. Now you have InterMedi V2 (though still in beta version).

Old features that are stille available:

  1. Find someone, find his publications, find his previous collaborators
  2. Compare the number of publications and of collaborators of two researchers

New features now available:

  1. Find the set of affiliations of someone’s collaborators
  2. Find a path of collaboration between two persons! (<== this is the greatest novelty)
  3. Easily contact the InterMedi team
  4. Enjoy a new look and feel.

Future developments:

  1. Consulting and posting biomed job offers
  2. Posting relevant biomed ads

So, now, don’t wait a minute and just intelligently collaborate on InterMedi!


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